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Welcome to America's Favorite Trapping Supplies and Predator Hunting Store.  We strive to provide you with outstanding customer Service and fast shipments of trapping supplies.  You will find we stock one of the most complete inventories of trapping supplies in North America.  We also have trapping supply stores on Ebay, Walmart, and Amazon.  Please take the time to read some of the thousands of positive customer feedbacks and testimonials about our trapping related products and services.  

We are the proud manufacturer of AuSable Brand trapping and AuSable Fur products all made in the USA.  Dealer inquiries welcome.


Thank you for visiting PcsOutdoors! John Chagnon Division Manager

John Chagnon's 2012-13 Fur Catch PcsOutdoors using our quality lures and baits in northern Michigan  

Enjoy your visit...and check back soon as we are always adding new predator hunting and trapping items. 

America's Favorite Trapping Supply Dealer - Distributing Trapping Supplies Across North America From the Heart of Northern Michigan

Trappers, you'll find the largest selection of quality trapping supplies at very fair prices.  If you need volume on any of our trapping supplies, please give us a call and we'll be glad to work with your larger trapping supply order. 

Our Best Selling Traps

Dog Proof Traps

Live Cage Traps

Body Grip Traps

Coil Spring Traps

Long Spring Traps

Duke Heavy Duty Single Door X-Large Cage Trap 36

Duke Heavy Duty Single Door X-Large Cage Trap 36

Duke DP Duke Live Trap Duke Trap Duke Trap Duke Trap
Sterling Grizz Tomahawk Trap Bridger Trap Bridger Trap Bridger Trap
Feather Light Safeguard Trap Sleepy Creek Trap Sleepy Creek Sleepy Creek
Coon Collector Kness Live Trap MB Traps MB Trap
Soup Can DP Havahart Trap   Wolf Creek Pest Control
Diablo DP Trap Stakes   Mole & Gopher

Quick Index of Best Selling Trapping Supplies

Animal Release Poles Flagging Tape Muskrat Floats Speed Dip
Anti-Freeze Flake Wax Packbaskets Stabilizers
Aprons, Fur Handling Fleshing Beams Pan Covers Stake Pullers
Baits, Trapping Fleshing Knives Pliers & Case Stakes - Trap
Bear Traps Fur Brushes Pouches Lure & Bait Stretchers Basswood
Body Grip Stabilizers Fur Combs Push Pins Stretchers Fur, Wire
Body Grip Setters Fur Hangers Quick Links Swivels, Trapping
Bolt Cutters Fur Hats S Hooks Trap Tags
Books, Trapping Gambrels Skinning Safety Grips Tail Bone Tools
Bottles,& Jars Gauntlets & Gloves Setters for Traps Tanned Wild Fur
Bridger Traps Gloves Skinning Shock Springs Inline Tanning Supplies
Cage Traps Gopher Traps Sifters Dirt Trap Covers
Callers Electronic Hammers & Trowels Sleepy Creek Traps Trap Tension Tester
Callers Predator Hand Head Lights Snare Cable Trappers Caps
Chain, Trap Hip Boots Snare Ferrules Trowels
Colony Muskrat Traps J Hooks Snare Locks Urine - Fox, Coyote,
Cover Hulls Kneeling Pads Snare Stop Buttons Videos Trapping
Dakota Line Trap Dip Knives, Skinning Snare Supports Waders Chest
DP Coon Traps Lap Links Snare Swivels Wax for Traps
Drags & Grapples Lights Rechargeable Snare Tools Weasel Boxes
Drowner Locks Lure Ingredients Snares AuSable® Wire 14, 11, 9 Gauge
Drowner Slide Wires Lure Holders Snares Dakota Brand Wire Reel
Duke Traps Lures, Top Brands Snares Snare Shop Trappers Specials
Dye Trap MB Traps Snares Thompson New Lights
Fish Oils Mole Traps Snowshoes, Iverson  

Lures, Baits, Urines and Lure Making Ingredients

PcsOutdoors Lures & Baits Trapping Supplies Time Proven Trapping Lures, Trapping Baits and Animal Urine by the trapping industry's leading lure and bait makers.  Trappers, you will also find everything you need to make your own trapping lures and baits.
Lures by Manufacturers Lures by Animal Baits by Animal
Ausable Brand Lures

Beaver Lures

Bobcat Baits

Blackie's Blend Lures

Bobcat Lures

Coyote Baits

Caven's Lures

Coyote Lures

Fox Baits

Cronk's Lures

Fisher Lures

Mink Baits

Dakota Line/Mark Steck

Grey Fox Lures

Raccoon Baits

Dobbin's Lures

Marten Lures

Skunk Baits

E.J. Dailey's Lures

Mink Lures

Predator Baits

Epler's Lures

Muskrat Lures

Wolf Baits

Forsyth Animal Lures

Predator Lures


Grawe's Lures

Raccoon Lures

Urines by Animal

Hawbaker's Lures

Red Fox Lures

Bobcat Urine

Jameson's Lures

Skunk Lures

Grey Fox Urine

Jim Tate Wolfen Lures

Weasel Lures

Mink Urine

John Graham's Lures

Wolf Lure

Raccoon Urine

Kain's Lures

Wolverine Lure

Otter Lure

Leather Creek Lures


Timber Wolf Urine

Lenon Lures

Lure Accessories

Red Fox Urine

Mark June's Lures

Lure & Bait Pouches


Milligan Brand Lures

1 & 4 oz. Droppers

Trapping Oils

Night Owl Lures

Sheep Wool

Fish Oil

O'Gorman Lures

Lure Holders

Salmon Oil

Papio Creek Lure

Bottle & Bait Jars

Shellfish Oil

Predator Control Group

Lure Making Books

Crawfish Oil

Russ Carman Lures

Lure Making Videos

Shrimp Essence

Tom Miranda Lures


Trent Masterson's Bait

Lure & Bait Making


Welch's Lures

Essential Oils, Musk,


Wildlife Research Lure

Glands & Tinctures


Propylene Glycol




Sodium Benzoate


Pest Control Supplies

Animal Carriers Bat Control Insect Control Raccoon Control Squirrel Control
Animal Cages Bird Control Mole Control Rat Control Woodchuck Control
Animal Squeeze Cages Chipmunk Control Moth Control Rodent Control  
Animal Live Traps Deer Control Mouse Control Skunk Control  
Animal Repellents Gopher Control Opossum Control Snake Repellents  
Armadillo Control Groundhog Control Rabbit Control Spider Control  

New customers, give us a try and discover what 1000's of other trappers already know, and discover for yourself why is America's Favorite Trapping Supplies Dealer.  It is simple; we are a leader in customer service and competitive trap and trapping supply prices. You will find that our employees have a knowledge and passion for trapping, predator calling, coon hunting and pest control fields.  Read what 1000's of our satisfied customers say about us!  We are continuously adding to our trapping supplies section by manufacturing better quality items for the trapping trade.  Thank you, Trappers, for your continued support. Your business is appreciated very much!

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