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2 Dozen) AuSable Trap
 Anchor 15" Cable Stakes
MSRP: $38.95
Price: $29.95
You Save: $9.00 (23 %)
 (2 Dozen) AuSable Brand Trap Anchor 15" Cable Stakes 'AUSABLE DRIVER INCLUDED'

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Animal Containment - Cages / Carriers / Restraint Modules / Squeeze Cages

Top Opening Cages, End Opening Cages, Transfer Cages, Restraint Modules, Squeeze Cages, Cat Dens / Animal Carriers, Tomahawk Disposable Pet Carriers
End Opening Cages
One entire end of these cages is a swinging door for placing animals in and out of the cage.
Restraint Modules
Restraint Modules are specifically designed for easy handling of animals during injections, examinations, or anytime absolute control of the animal is a must. The sliding panel locks into any position desired and will comfortably hold the animal. The rest
Squeeze Cages
Squeeze Cages are perfect for vaccinating and examining animals. Simply slide the squeeze panel forward until the animal is firmly held between the panel and the side of the cage. The galvanized metal bottom can be removed for easy cleaning, the handles f
Top Opening Cages
The entire top of these cages is a swinging door for placing animals in and out of the cage.
Transfer Cages
One entire end of these cages is a sliding door designed especially for easy transfer of animals from a “Easy Release” trap. Our transfer Cages are built to specific sizes that match traps with easy release doors. Simply line up the door end of the cage w
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Cage Trap Clips
Price: From $0.99 to $4.95
Cage Trap Clips
Cage trap clips are great for repairing cages, making your own cages, trap making, bird cage construction, and more.
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