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Michigan Out of Doors TV
Thursday 12/18/2014 & Saturday 12/20/2014
Watch as some Michigan Trappers
show you good catches of Beaver, Fox, Coyote, Raccoon and Muskrat.
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AuSable™ Fur Products

Great selection of wild tanned North American furs and real all fur hats, featuring prime tanned Artic Fox Furs, Bobcat Furs, Coyote Furs, Bear Furs, Timber Wolf Furs, Muskrat furs, Mink Furs, Fisher Furs, Beaver Furs, Weasel Furs, Badger Furs, Red Fox Furs and Grey Fox Furs.  For you hunter's and trapper's that like to tan your own fur and deer hides, we carry a full line of do it yourself tanning books, tanning solutions & supplies and tanning tools.  All our quality fur products carry a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  For larger quantity purchases of tanned furs or fur hats please call us for a price quote. 

 Wild Tanned Fur Pelts
You will find pcsoutdoors professional commercial tanned, garment grade, wild furs, pelts and hides are excellent decorative pieces for houses, offices, stores, restaurants, lodges, cabins and camps with an outdoor theme. All are wild fur pelts and skins
Fur Accessories
Keep your ears warm this time of year with these 100% real fur accessories. We have coon fur, fox fur, muskrat fur, otter fur, lamb fur, MINK fur, and many more. The perfect holiday gift that will keep you looking stylish, savvy, and WARM.
The utmost in luxury, for an affordable price! One hundred percent real fur hats! Perfect for Christmas or birthday gifts to that special lady or man in your life! Black Beaver Trooper / Russian Style Fur Hat, Muskrat Trooper / Russian Style Fur Hat and
tanned fur tails
Tanned Fur Tails
Other Fur Products
Bears, Beaver Hoops, And More! Our fur products all made from 100% real fur. Beautifully hand crafted and soft these products are a must have for everyone.
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