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2 Dozen) AuSable Trap
 Anchor 15" Cable Stakes
MSRP: $38.95
Price: $29.95
You Save: $9.00 (23 %)
 (2 Dozen) AuSable Brand Trap Anchor 15" Cable Stakes 'AUSABLE DRIVER INCLUDED'

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Insect Control


5170B diatomaceous earth
Complete line of Victor and Safer Brand Ant Control Products. GEt rid of those pesky ants once and for all. Outside or inside we have the product you will need. Buy your ant control products here.
Flea and Tick Control Products
Featuring Victor Flea Traps and Victor Trap Refills. Fleas are among the most difficult pest to remove, but not with these products, they will be gone in a hurry. Check out all our great products now
fly control products
Fly Control Products. Attract and capture those nasty flies with these great products. Featuring our new Revnege Products. Come check these out Great fly removal
mosquito control products
Effective Mosquito Control Products. Now a days mosquitos are not only annoying but dangerous. With the Wes Nile virus protection is needed. The main route of human infection is through the bite of an infected mosquito. Approximately 90% of West Nile Vir
Moth Control Products
Best Used For Killing moths. Don't let moths dine on your best dinner jacket! Why are moths attracted to my clothes stored in my closet? A: It is the larvae of the clothes moths that cause the damage. They feast on clothing, particularly wool and fur cl
roach control products
Roach Control Products. Featuring Organic Roach Control Products by Safer Brand, Concern and Victor. Kills your nuisance roaches while safe around family and pets. We buy direct from the manufactures passing savings to you.
scorpion nuisance pest control
Nuisance Scorpion Control Products Nuisance Scorpion Control Products. Featuring Safer Brand Organic Scorpion and Victor Brand Scorpion nuisance control products. Victor Insect Pest Glue Board, Victor Poison Free Insect Magnet and Safer Brand Ant and Cr
yellow jacket and wasp control products
Yellow Jacket & Wasp Control Products Featuring Safer and Victor Wasp, Yellow Jacket, Hornet and other Stinging Insect Control Products, Get rid of those dangerous wasps.
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Bird-X Bed Bug Alert Moniters 1 Dozen
MSRP: $35.95
Price: $34.99
You Save: $0.96 (3 %)
Bird-X Bed Bug Alert Moniters 1 Dozen
Bed Bug Alert Monitors consist of a clear plastic shell with a special lure adhesive board located in the center. If you have bed bugs, they will be drawn into the monitor and become stuck to the adhesive surface, unable to escape. Simply place Bed Bug AL
Dr. T's Nature Products® Slug & Snail Killer 1lb Jug
MSRP: $13.95
Price: $7.95
You Save: $6.00 (43 %)
Dr. T's Nature Products® Slug & Snail Killer 1lb Jug
Dr. T’s Nature Products® Slug & Snail Killer is a new, unique natural product in the control of destructive slugs and snails. Dr. T’s Nature Products® Slug & Snail Killer contains a powerful bait that is highly attractive to slugs and snails.
Sticky Whitefly Trap 00340
Price: $5.99
Sticky Whitefly Trap 00340
Sticky Whitefly Trap 00340. Attracts and traps whiteflies, aphids, thrips, leaf miners, gnats, and fruit flies.
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