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Johnny Stewart Model #PM-3 Preymaster Digital Caller

MSRP : $180.95
Price : $98.25
You Save : $82.70 (46 %)
Out of stock
Item Number : 44026
Manufacturer : Johnny Stewart
Manufacturer Part No : PM-3

Johnny Stewart Model #PM-3 Preymaster Digital Caller
The PreyMaster Digital Caller puts predator calling at your fingertips. The handheld, water-resistant keypad is easy to use. You just slide the desired digital card into the keypad and push play. Each card contains four sounds and you can play two sounds at once. The PreyMaster comes with 12 sounds on three memory cards and you can purchase other memory cards for up to 72 additional sounds.
The PreyMaster also includes an all-weather speaker with 10 foot cord and 50 feet of extension cord, lanyard and detachable belt clip. The Preymaster Digital Caller For Predator: Includes (MC-CY1) Desperate Cottontail, Pleading Chicken, Fawn Bleating; (MC-CY4) Baby Cottontail, Distressed Rodents, Kid Goat Distress, Coyote/Grey Fox; (MC-GP1) Juvenile Cottontail, Housecat Distress, Gobbler Distress, Flicker Manufactures Website Address Warranty Information.

Below is a list of all the Johnny Stewart Sound Cards. Please follow hyperlink for details.

Coyote #1
Desperate Cottontail (102G)
Pleading Chicken (112B)
Fawn Bleating (155A)
Coywolf Bark/Howls (168)

Model #MC-CY1

Coyote #2
High Pitched Cottontail (102C)
Canine Pups (107B)
Yellowhammer Woodpecker (116C)
Coyote Pup Distress (163)

Model #MC-CY2

Coyote #3
Vittle's A'La Jackrabbit (101G)
Grown Cottontail Distress (102A)
Wild Piglet Distress (124B)
Coyote Locator (161)

Model #MC-CY3

Coyote #4
Baby Cottontail (102B)
Distress Rodent (105A)
Kid Goat Distress (123)
Coyote/Grey Fox (166)

Model #MC-CY4

Coyote #5
Coyote Locator (161)
Coyote Pup Distress (163)
Coyote/Raccoon Fight (167)
Coywolf Bark/Howls (168)

Model #MC-CY5

General Predator #1
Juvenile Cottontail (102F)
Gobbler Distress (114D)
Red Shafted Flicker (116D)
Housecat Distress (125A)

Model #MC-GP1

General Predator #2
Canine Pups (107A)
Kit Goat Distress (123B)
Pleading Chicken (112B)
Whitetail Fawn Distress (155B)

Model #MC-GP2

General Predator #3
Calf Distress (123)
Bear Cub Distress (128A)
Doe In Distress (153A)
Buck In Distress (153B)

Model #MC-GP3 NEW

Feral Hog #1
Young Domestic Pig (124A)
Wild Piglet Distress (124B)
Feral Hog Feeding Frenzy (127A)
Grunt'n Ferals (127C)

Model #MC-FH1

Cottontails #1
Baby Cottontails (102D)
Frightened Cottontails (102E)
Cottontails (102H)
Coarse Cottontails (102I)

Model #MC-CT1 NEW

Jackrabbits #1
Grown Jackrabbit (101A)
Jackrabbit (101C)
Superjack (101D)
Jackrabbit Buffett (101H)

Model #MC-JR1 NEW

Grey Fox #1
Grey Fox Pup (113A)
Grey Fox Fight (113D)
Grey/Red Fox (113C)
Grey Fox/Raccoon (113E)

Model #MC-GF1

Red Fox #1
High Pitched Cottontail (102C)
Rodents Distress (105B)
Canine Pups (107A)
Grey/Red Fox (113C)

Model #MC-RF1

Bobcat #1
Rodent Distress (105B)
Squealing Bird (116A)
Meadowlark Distress (117)
Bobcat In Heat (121)

Model #MC-BC1

Raccoon #1
Raccoon Fight (104B)
Coon Fight & Squealing Bird (104C)
Gray Fox and Coon Fight (113E)
Meadowlark Distress (117)

Model #MC-RC1

Bird Distress #1
Quail Chick Distress (115B)
Squealing Woodpecker (116E)
Woodpecker Buffett (116F)
Babybird Distress (118)

Model #MC-BD1 NEW

Crow Calls #1
Crow Distress (201A)
Crow and Owl Fight (202)
Crow Reveille (207)
Single Excited Crow (208)

Model #MC-CR1

Crow Calls #2
Crow Distress (201A)
Fighting Crows (205)
Hawk With Crow Distress (201C)
Crow and Hawk Fight (203)

Model #MC-CR2

Crow Calls #3
Young Crow in Distress (209)
Crow Frenzy (204)
Crow Distress With Owl (206)
Crow Come Here (210)

Model #MC-CR3

Snow Geese #1
Snow Goose Calls (306A)
Single Snow Goose Calling (306B)
Feeding Snow Geese (306C)
Calling Snow Geese (306D)

Model #MC-SG1

Turkey Calling #1
Tree Call (118D)
Fly-Down Cackle (118B)
Plain Hen Yelps (118C)
Excited Hen Yelps (118G)

Model #MC-TK1

Turkey Calling #2
Cutting (118F)
Excited Hen Yelps (118G)
Soft Hen Yelps (118H)
Cluck & Purr (118E)

Model #MC-TK2

Turkey Calling #3

Barred Owl Hoot (131)
Crow Call
Gobble (114E)
Coyote Howler

Model #MC-TK3

Moose Calling #1
Cow In Heat (701)
Aggressive Cow (702)
Cow (703)
Mature Bull (704)

Model #MC-MC1

Deer Calling #1

Buck Grunt (140B)
Immature Buck & Doe Grunt (140A)
Estrus Bleat (140C)
Snort Wheeze (140D)

Model #MC-DC1

Deer Calling #2

Doe Bleat (140F)
Buck Grunt (140B)
Social Sparring (140G)
Antler Tree Rubbing (140E)

Model #MC-DC2

Deer Calling #3

Buck Grunt (140B)
Snort Wheeze (140D)
Rattling (140H)
Estrus Bleat (140C)

Model #MC-DC3

Deer Calling #4

Doe Bleat (140F)
Lost Fawn (140L)
Sparring (140G)
Contact Grunt (140K)

Model #MC-DC4

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