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2 Dozen) AuSable Trap
 Anchor 15" Cable Stakes
MSRP: $38.95
Price: $29.95
You Save: $9.00 (23 %)
 (2 Dozen) AuSable Brand Trap Anchor 15" Cable Stakes 'AUSABLE DRIVER INCLUDED'

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John Chagnon Trapping DVDs

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Get in the action with this DVD series. Highly recommended as a must see by trappers from around the country, for trappers of all skill levels. This DVD series covers everything; from the basics of trapping, and educational trapping, to experienced trapping and common pitfalls and mistakes to avoid. Watch as PcsOutdoors presents 40 years of knowledge from their number 1 trapper, John Chagnon. John goes on about ethical values when trapping, in the three action-packed videos, and gives great advice about sets and when to use particular pieces of equipment in certain situations. 


These DVDs come highly recommended from trappers across the country. One of the most informative trapping DVD series on the market today. Be sure to catch the bloopers section to see the enjoyment John has when the cameras weren't suppose to be rolling.


The water trapping video gives great advice on how to get rid of nuisance beaver and also explains how to trap the elusive mink and otter of the Northern United States of America. The canine trapping video gives great insight on how John has crafted his trapping trade around being a proficient coyote trapper. In this video John shares his extensive knowledge of coyote and fox trapping. In the third video of this trapping DVD series, John Chagnon calls upon his friend Dave Cronk from J&K Fur Exchange to help in the Skinning and Fur Handling DVD. John and Dave share 85 years of combined skinning and fur handling knowledge on this fun and educational video.

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PcsOutdoors Canine Trapping DVD with John Chagnon
Price: $29.95
PcsOutdoors Canine Trapping DVD with John Chagnon
Trapper John Chagnon takes you through the wilds of upstate Michigan trapping elusive wild canines. This DVD covers all canines including Red Fox, Grey Fox and Coyote. This video is intended to show every facet of trapping canines efficiently in a down to
PcsOutdoors Water Trapping DVD with John Chagnon
Price: $29.95
PcsOutdoors Water Trapping DVD with John Chagnon
Deep in the heart of Michigan, John Chagnon takes you a water trapping adventure. While trapping inland waters and the mighty AuSable river, John explores the proper techniques and methods for harvesting aquatic furbearers. Covers: Beaver Otter Muskr
PcsOutdoors Skinning and Fur Handling DVD with John Chagnon and Dave Cronk
Price: $29.95
PcsOutdoors Skinning and Fur Handling DVD with John Chagnon and Dave Cronk
PcsOutdoors and J&K Fur Exchange bring you an extensive 2 hour DVD on the topic of skinning and fur handling. John Chagnon is your host as we take you from the trapline to the sale of fur, covering all aspects of fur handling. This DVD will increase your
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