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Sleepy Creek Mini Traps and Decorative Traps

Due to popular demand, Sleepy Creek now offers a line of miniature traps. The traps have been nickel-plated or gold plated, depending upon your choice. All traps are operational.  Our Double Longspring Mini Trap is a model of the old 1800's Bear Trap and measures approximately two inches in length in the set position.

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Sleepy Creek Chrome Plated 1 1/2 Coil Spring Decorative Trap
Price: $35.95
Sleepy Creek Chrome Plated 1 1/2 Coil Spring Decorative Trap
This trap has been chrome-plated and soldered in the open position with the chain removed. The frame has been pre-drilled for mounting hardware, which is included. All you supply is a 3/4-inch thick plaque and nameplate
Sleepy Creek Mini Long Spring Trap Earrings
Price: $40.00
Sleepy Creek Mini Long Spring Trap Earrings
Be sure to make a statement with these earrings. They have a 3/4" jaw spread, are 24k gold plated, and fully operational. Modeled after the Newhouse Bear Trap made in the 1800's.
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