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Thursday 12/18/2014 & Saturday 12/20/2014
Watch as some Michigan Trappers
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Trapping Stakes & Trapping Drags

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Great selection of trappers cable trap stakes, rerod trap stakes and trapping traps drags and trappers grapples


Berkshire Trap Stakes, How to Use - Click Here!

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    Rusty's Wooden Trap Stakes - Click Here!                             Trapping Pulling Stakes (Rod & Cable) - Click Here!

Cable Trap Stakes
Featuring Berkshire Cable Stakes, Fox Hollow's Super Stakes, Duckbill Earth Anchors, Wolf Creek Wolf Fang Trap Stakes and More! This is the least expensive, lightest, and easiest earth anchor to use. Works for all sizes and types of traps and snares.
Make Your Own Cable Stakes
In this section you will find everything you need to build your own cable stakes. We have it all Stake cable, Stake ends, Aluminum Ferrules, Stop buttons, and all your Stake Making Tools. Affordable and fun to build give it a try.
ReBar Trap Stakes
Made with 3/8" rebar. Comes with a washer welded on top. Designed to use with the swivels included on the end of most traps manufactured today. Our trapper’s rebar stakes are available in 18” and 24”
Wooden Trap Stakes
These wooden stakes come in 18", 24"and 46", they are made from oak and have a hole drilled in the top for easy wire attachment. Wooden stakes can be used on land or in water.
T-Bar Trap Stakes
These T-Bar Stakes are available in 18" lengths. They are mostly used for water trapping and are made to be pushed into the ground. They are made from 3/8" rebar with a 4" length of rebar welded to the top and a pencil point ground bottom. These are
Trap Drags
Coyote and Bobcat Drags made from Steel Rod and are recommended for coyote, bobcat, etc. The drag measures 10" long and 7" wide. Drags work great in sandy or loose soil were stakes will not hold and to keep your catch out of everyone's view. Make sure
Trap Stake Pullers
Stake Puller. Your Rebar, T bar, and disposable stakes can be pulled and reused with these tools. Long handle gives you the leverage you need to get the cable and stake out. Hook it on where where the cable attaches to the swivel
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