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PcsOutdoors Trapping Supplies Monthly Specials


Here at we love to provide our customers with high quality trapping supplies at low prices. For a limited time we will be offering these specials on our trapping supplies. So grab them while supplies last guys. These Trapping Supply Specials are sure to sell fast!
Be Sure to check out our monthly specials in all the national magazines such as Fur Fish Game, Predator Xtreme, Trapper's Post, Trapper and Predator Caller, American Trapper, Trapper's World, WCT Magazine
and Trap and Trail.

Trapping Accessory Specials

SCM Coil Spring Setter

Price: $10.29

The Lil' Grizz Get'rz Setter

Trap Setting Tongs

Price: $7.95-$13.75

WCP Heavy Duty Swivels

Price:  Dozen $3.95
100 Pack $29.95

Trap Tags 100 Pack

Price: $8.50

Cold Creek Gauntlets

Price: $17.95

Skinning Knife

Price: $13.88

Fleshing Tool

Price: $6.95

CarryAll Trapping Bag

Price: $32.95

Trapping Kits/Bundle Specials

PcsOutdoors Canine Trapping Kit
"Everything needed to get you started trapping Predators"

Price: $ 189.95

Full Price: $ 274.95, Total Savings of $85!!!


PcsOutdoors Water Trapping Kit
"A great kit for a Mink, Muskrat or Raccoon Trapper"

Price: $159.95

Full Price: $229.95, Total Saving of $70!!!


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