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(3 Pack) Set-N-Go Trapper™ Body Grip Stabilizer Economy Style (Trap NOT Included)

Price : $19.95
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Item Number : SETNGO-3
Manufacturer : Set-N-Go Trapper™
Manufacturer Part No : SETNGO-3

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(3 Pack) Set-N-Go Trapper™ Body Grip Stabilizer Economy Style

Set-n-go Trapper™. A bodygrip stabilizing system that will fit all makes of bodygrip/conibear traps. The ultimate stabilizing system for the practical outdoorsman.

This stabilizer takes depth and and water bottom conditions out of the equation. The Set-n-go Trapper™ replaces all other wire or wood stabilizers. The Set-n-go Trapper™got its name for how quickly a trapper can make a set and go. The vast majority of today’s trappers are only able to trap before or after work and on weekends. The Set-n-go™ really speeds things up allowing the trapper to make sets quickly without having to fight getting a stake or wire stabilizer in all the different ground and or lake, stream or creek bottom conditions. It truly improves the quality of each set and is deadly. It has been trapper tested, resulting in the perfect length, width and weight. Once a catch is made using a 110 bodygrip for example, the mink or muskrat never even move the platform. It also allows the traps to be hidden in pipes and culverts very easily, keeping them hidden from would be trap thieves.

The Set-n-go Trapper™ design also allows the trapper to set tight to bridge abutments well away from the shore, out of sight and since there is not anything sticking above water level there is nothing to catch  debris floating along with the current. Sudden high water experienced on most traplines can often wreak havoc on other stabilizers causing large amounts of debris to get hung up on anything sticking up. The Set-n-go™ stabilizer is not affected at all by this and just keeps on working. The same is true with ice flows, the Set-n-go™ Trapper really shines in both these situations.


Another common problem that is eliminated by the Set-n-go Trapper™ is the slot size made on mink boxes. Too often the trapper tries to cut the slot on a mink box just the right size to help stabilize the trap or is forced to put some sort of stabilizer on the outside of the box to stabilize the trap. An example would be a wood stake with a wedge in the spring hole of the trap. This is tough to do in a lot of different and frozen ground conditions. All of this is eliminated with the Set-n-go Trapper™. Simply cut the slot to accommodate the spring and you are all set, no more struggle to get everything to line up just right.

In recent times there have been a number of articles written and DVD’s made about a method of trapping called “bottom edge”. This method of trapping mink, and for that matter all water oriented furbearers, can really add to a trappers fur harvest. Simply put, this method is to set a bodygrip trap directly perpendicular to an underwater point or obstruction that forces the furbearer to try to go around this “point” thus causing it to swim directly in the waiting bodygrip trap. This method of trapping is absolutely deadly. Rising or falling water or frozen conditions make little difference this set keeps working. The Set-n-go Trapper™ is a super star way to stabilize your trap for this set, we can find no better. The Set-n-go Trapper™ is highly effective when used in mink trails and can be spray painted to match any surroundings making it very well hidden, out of site out of mind. Whether you are setting for dry land raccoon, beaver runs or that otter trail the Set-n-go Trapper™ will fit most, if not all, of your bodygrip stabilizing needs. (TRAPS and SETTERS NOT INCLUDED)

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