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Adirondack Dick: The Illustrated Life of Richard K. "Dick" Wood 1895-1977 by Scot H. Dahms

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Adirondack Dick: The Illustrated Life of Richard K. "Dick" Wood 1895-1977

Go back in time a hundred years, look through the camera lens and see what Dick saw.

Read how a hard working man made an honest living from the outdoors by trapping, hunting, fishing, writing and photography.

Tag along with Dick when he worked for the Triumph Trap Company from 1917 to 1921. Learn about employees including Holdridge Greene, Albert E. “Bob” Kinsley, and Frances E. Adams. This chapter is over 60 pages long.

Follow along as he traps in the Adirondack Mountains around Racquette Lake, Big Moose Lake, the Boreas River and the Cold River; along the St. Lawrence River in New York; in Tennessee; in Maryland; in Virginia and in Michigan from 1909 to 1921. Meet and see photographs of the trappers that influenced and accompanied him including EJ Dailey, Bill Randall, Bill Wood, Lute Trim, Raymond Smiley Spears, Walter A. Gibbs, Rolland Ames and others. See photographs of Ansil Dailey, EJ’s son who died in 1965.

Go hunting with Dick as he harvests deer, bear, squirrel, rabbit and duck. Dick was a waterfowl hunter at heart and loved jump shooting ducks as he floated down a river. Go duck hunting down the Tennessee River with Dick. The area he frequently hunted was the portion of the river which is now part of Chickamauga Lake. Dick hunted deer in the Adirondacks north of Racquette Lake, Potter County in Pennsylvania and Michigan.

Take a motor camping trip with Dick and his family covering twelve states during five months in 1925. The trip included a varying quality of roads from mud to paved. The family crossed rivers on ferries and battled flat tires along with mud caused by major storms. The U.S. road system back then was a lot different than today’s road systems.

Tag along with Dick as he fishes all over the United States and Canada for all species. His true love was dry fly fishing for trout. Dick learned how to dry fly fish from Willard Spenser Jr. of Ohio. Dick often fished for trout with Ernest H. Peckinpaugh from Chattanooga in the Smoky Mountains. Dick and Peck fished the Little and Little Pigeon rivers. Dick fished the North River with Fred Davis and Chris Zahnd. They also fished the Tellico River along with Dwight Taylor and Cosby Darwin. Included are several fishing photographs from the late 1910s through the 1960s.

Canoe with Dick and Jack Burris through the Superior National Forest in northern Minnesota in 1925. They covered the two hundred mile trip in thirteen days.

Dick wrote articles for at least 77 different magazines including Hunter Trader Trapper, Fur News and Outdoor World, Sports Afield, Field and Stream, Fur Fish Game, National Sportsman and Hunting & Fishing. These articles covered topics including trapping, hunting, fishing, camping, photography plus many others. He also wrote at least three books.

Learn about the Outdoor Writers Association of America and Dick’s involvement in its creation and his continued involvement until his passing.

Over 300 of Dick’s articles were referenced and titles included in a chronological list so readers can follow his progression as a writer. Over 400 references in all.

Vintage black and white photographs taken by Dick are included with many either never seen by the public or published years ago and forgotten. The photographs are from 1915 to the 1970s.

All this information in a 310-page book with 260 photographs. Paperback.

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