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Animal Snares & Snare Supplies

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AuSable Brand Snares
Best Quality Most Affordable Snare Brand! Perfect for Coyote, Fox, Beaver, Raccoon and more.
Dakota Line Animal Snares
All Dakota Line Snares offer precision swaged steel fittings, support collars, and loading of the snare loop. The snares are very fast. High quality cable is used. Set your snares with confidence and great results.
Drowning Slides
These drowning slides are made of 3/32 cable and include a large drowning lock. Attach your trap chain to the lock with an S-hook and you are ready to go!
furbearing snaring animal books and furbearing animal videos
We offer the best how to snare North American Furbearer Books and Videos on the market. is the preferred supplier for Animal Damage Operators, Fur Trappers, and Nuisance Animal Control Operators.
Snare Building Parts
Here you will find the best selection of snare building supplies. These are high quality parts but still affordable. Everything from deer stops to cable we have everything you will need right here and low low prices.
snare extensions
Au Sable Brand Snare Extensions and Dakota Line Snare Exentions.
Au Sable Brand Pig Tail Support System for Supporting Animal Snares in Trails
Pig Tail Support System for Supporting Animal Snares in Trails. Also 9 Gauge and 11 Gauge Support Wire.
Southern Snare's Loaded Snares!
The Snare Shop Animal Snares
The Snare Shop Snares are high quality snares for a wide variety of animals. Snares for bobcat, coyote, fox, coon, squirrel, mink, and more! Excellent and affordable snares!
thompson snares
Featuring Thompson Self Locking Snares, Thompson Coyote Snare, Thompson Beaver Snare, Thompson Red Fox Snare, Thompson Grey Fox Snare, Thompson Wolf Snares, Thompson Badger Snares, Thompson Raccoon Snares, Thompson Mink Snares at Great Prices!
Tools for Building Snares
Tools for building snares, these tools are a must have for anyone who wants to build their own snares. Affordable and high quality these tools will have you building snares like a pro in no time.
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