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Trapping Lures Listed by Target Animal  Trapping lure, lure, animal lure, coon lure, fox lure, bobcat lure, and many more.  Trapping Lures Listed by Target Animal

beaver lure, beaver scent, beaver castor lure, lenon's beaver super all call lure
Beaver Trapping Lures Featuring Cavens Beaver Lure and Dobbin's Beaver Lure.
Fisher Trapping Lure
PCS Outdoors carries the highest quality fisher lures on the market. From the oldest companies Hawbaker and Russ Carman Fisher lure to EJ Dailey and Forsyth Fisher Lure. Fisher Getter - Cavens Tree Climber - Cronks Fisher Lure #1 and #2 - Rickard Fisher
Mink Trapping Lure
Featuring Hawbaker, Caven and Carmans Mink Lures
Raccoon Trapping Lure
Great Selection of Raccoon Lures. Featuring June, Cavens, Carmans and Hawbaker Raccoon Lures
Weasel Trapping Lure
PCS Outdoors provides quality weasel lures from renowned companies in the trapping industry. All of our brands perform great and have been field tested by many of trappers like you for many years.
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