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TERRO T521 Fly Magnet Super Fly Roll - One Dozen Rolls

Price : $71.50
In Stock
Item Number : T521-12
Manufacturer : TERRO
Manufacturer Part No : T521

TERRO® Fly Magnet Super Fly Roll 



The TERRO® Fly Magnet Super Fly Roll was designed for use in stables, garages and other large facilities where flies and flying insects are a major problem. To help it draw flies, this 4-inch-wide sticky fly paper features specially designed fly-attracting 3D designs printed along its 19-foot length.


Using designs from Silvalure System®, the Fly Magnet® Super Fly Roll has 3D imagery printed on the sticky side of the fly paper roll. These vibrant designs were created to attract flying insects.While the 3D features attract insects, the super-sticky surface makes sure that those bugs stay stuck once they land on the fly paper. Once a section of the Fly Roll fills up, tear it off and pull out more.


To use the Fly Magnet Super Fly Roll, tear the packaging away, but do not remove the plastic zip-tie handle. Next, hang the handle on a nail or hook. While holding the handle, pull the length needed from the roll. The leading end can hang freely or be attached to another nail or hook. If possible, angle the sticky side of the fly paper toward the ground.

  • Trap flies and other flying insects on 4-inch-wide sticky paper
  • Easy-to-use super fly roll, over 19 ft long
  • 3D imagery lures flying insects
  • Long-lasting glue catches them and keeps them stuck
  • When a section is full, easily trim it off and unspool more sticky paper
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