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Body Grip Trap Trigger Wire Kit

Price : From $3.75 to $3.95
Manufacturer : Trapping
Manufacturer Part No : BGTWK

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Body Grip Trap Trigger Wire Kit

Not using modified body grip traps? Your missing fur!   Mink and martin may freely pass through even the smaller bodygrippers when set on land.  In Canada one test mink passed under a 110 bodygrip trigger 33 times before setting the trap off. Muskrats avoid pushing against prong triggers and coon try not to touch them. At times the hit the trigger with a hind foot or tail as they kick through, resulting in a sprung, empty trap. Some bodygrippers are so insensitive they will support a 1lb trigger weight with the trap in a horizontal position.  A simple mod kit utilizing a very fine 1/64" trip cable, (1/32" for larger traps) and wire ferrules will increase your fur catch. Each Kit will Modify up to 24 traps

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