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Burnham Brothers Catastrophic Bobcat Calling Hunting Video DVD by Gary Roberson

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Item Number : burnhambrothers-1610
Manufacturer : Burnham Brothers Animal Calls
Manufacturer Part No : 1610

Burnham Brothers Catastrophic Bobcat Calling Hunting DVD by Gary Roberson

The only all-daytime bobcat hunting DVD on the market! "CATASTROPHIC contains the most amazing bobcat action ever captured on film: a bow kill, cats bluffing coyotes off of a deer carcass and the COMPUCALLER, bobcats sneaking up to smell the COMPUCALLER, a huge tom trying to catch a grey fox that is also responding to the call and the most optimistic kitten chasing a 150 class whitetail buck!" - by Gary Roberson of Burnham Brothers Calls.

Burnham Brothers Catastrophic The bobcat has been called the most cautious and efficient predator in North America, not to mention the most beautiful spotted fur that is one of the most coveted trophies in all of hunting. It took over a year to capture this never-before attempted video production, calling lynx-rufus in broad daylight. Gary Roberson leads you through south and west Texas, home to some of the biggest bobcats on the North American continent. With the help of the new Compucaller, Gary and his hunters call in these predators sometimes too close for comfort. Youll be thrilled with more than 100 minutes of successful bobcat hunts with 17 kills, 2 with a bow ! Many hunters go a lifetime without seeing a bobcat in broad daylight. Here, enjoy for yourself, over and over, sometimes in the most unlikely conditions, bobcats slipping from the brush stalking this new amazing electronic call, all caught on tape. Youll also see fascinating rare footage of other critters sneaking, running and crawling in that our hunters had to let pass while waiting on the always-cautious cats. See the extremely rare footage of a bobcat and gray fox face-off in the desert, and a bobcat stalking a trophy whitetailed buck in south Texas. And somewhere, during this exciting production, you too can become a better predator hunter. Sit back, but get ready to be pulled to the edge of your seat for Catastrophic.

Burnham Brothers "The Originators, Not the Imitators".  Burnham Brothers has been the industry leader in quality calling products since 1952 BRING THE GAME TO YOU. is proud to be an authorized distributor for Burnham Brothers Game Calls and we stock the full quality Burnham Brothers product line click here!

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Bottom line is Burnham Brothers Calls are the best on the market, always have been and always will be!  Experience the difference in service and purchase a Burnham Brothers Calling Product from

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