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The dog proof raccoon traps also work very well for capturing nuisance opossum.  We stock the Duke Dog Proof Raccoon Trap, Bridger T3 Dog Proof Traps, Diablo Dog Proof Traps, Coon Collector Dog Proof Traps, Wolf Creek's Alcatraz Dog Proof Trap, Coon Cuffs Dog Proof Trap, Duffer's Dog Proof Raccoon Trap and many styles of effective cage traps for live capturing raccoons.  Try these stand out dog proof baits and lures on your next DP set Mark June's Coon Chum, AuSable® Brand Coon Chow, Coon Kibbles and AuSable® Brand Long Range Coon LureCoon Crazy nice video catching lots of raccoon in Dog Proof Raccoon Traps.  Also check out Joseph J. Albanese Article Dogproof Traps 101.

Alcatraz Dog Proof Trap

They put a lot of thought and testing into this dog proof trap. There are several DP style traps on the market. The Alcatraz may be the fastest loading dog proof on the market today!

Bridger T3 Dog Proof Trap

The Bridger T3 Dog Proof Raccoon Trap is very heavy duty dogproof trap, the trap comes equipped standard with Heavy Duty machine chain, swivels and music wire spring. This dogproof trap also has the "Theft Stop" ring trigger. Critters don't stand a chance of stealing your bait with this system! Bracket attached to spring to aid in setting. 

Duke Dog Proof Trap

The Duke Dog Proof Coon Trap features a fully enclosed dog proof design with powerful coil springs, a trigger system and a staking system. When the raccoon reaches in for the bait, the trap will go off.

Coon Collector Dog Proof Trap

The Coon Collector Dog Proof Coon Trap is changing the way trappers look at Dog Proof Raccoon Traps. These compact little traps feature a "Chinese Finger Trap" holding method in which the coon, once caught, pulls against the door causing it to tighten.

Wolf Creek Diablo Dog Proof Trap

Wolf Creek's Diablo Dog Proof Coon Trap introduces the Diablo Dog Proof Raccoon Trap. This trap is sure to revolutionize the DP market, it has all the features of other dog proof traps and then some.
Only $99.99 Dozen

Pcs Feather Light Dog Proof Trap

The First Ever Cast Aluminum Dog Proof Trap! Made in the USA! The PCS SS Feather Light Dog Proof Coon Trap features a fully enclosed dog proof design with powerful coil springs, a trigger system and a staking system.

Coon Dagger Dog Proof Trap

Finally a dog proof trap which has solved the problem of the other dog proof traps. The Coon Dagger has a diamond shaped opening which allows for a better grip by applying pressure to all four sides of the paw. The Coon Dagger has a push-pull trigger, cutting down on bait theft and misfires.

Coon Cuff Dog Proof Trap

Features solid steel construction with heavy chain and swivels. There is a 2" hole for viewing bait, when the raccoon reaches in, he is caught high for little pad damage. Can be dyed with your other traps. No special tool require to set.

Soup Can Dog Proof Trap

This trap can be dropped right on the ground or dug into a 3" hole. It can be pushed into the sand, mud, or snow right up to the level of the faceplate vertically or horizontally. It can also be suspended from a tree, fence, bridge, old house, and log jams.

Duffer's Dog Proof Trap

Duffer's Raccoon Trap. All metal trap with double swivels and a drowning lock. This trap requires no special tools to set, and it can be placed in all locations on the trapline from city streets to farm fields.

Sterling Grizz Dog Proof Trap

Sterling Griz is Made in the U.S.A. and is one of the strongest and most reliable firing dog proofs on the market. Works at catching raccoons for sport and pest removal.

Trapmaster Dog Proof Trap

The Trapmaster is a unique dog proof trap due to its one piece connected triggering mechanism. The trigger and the dog is connected for less wasted movement. MADE IN THE U.S.A.

Z Trap Dog Proof Trap

Ztraps many product features are now the standards by which all DP traps are judged. Z Trap is particularly proud of their patented, "push-pull trigger” on the DP Raccoon Ztrap.

Dog Proof Trapping Instructional Videos

Baits, Lures & Tools For Dog Proof Coon Traps

AuSable® Brand Coon Chow

Mark June's Coon Chum

Coon Potion Concentrated Candy Coon Mixture

Sullivan's Sugar Berries

Z-Caps (Dog Proof Bait Anti Theft)

AuSable® Scented Glow Crawdad DP Covers

Raccoon Trapping Lures

Raccoon Trapping Books

Dog Proof Trap Tweezers

Raccoon Trapping DVDs

Dog Proof Trap Setters

Berkshire Standard Disposable Stakes

Coon Kibbles

AuSable® Brand Fish Oils

AuSable® Long Range Lure

Truckload Coon Bait
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