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Fur Handling Equipment

Fur Handling Products Featuring the Made in the U.S.A AuSable Brand, Fur Stretchers, Fleshing Knives, Skinning Knives, Fleshing Boards, Fur Combs, and everything else you need to care for your fur catch properly.
AuSable Brand Fur Handling Supplies
Featuring the Great Lakes Series of AuSable Brand Fleshing and Skinning Knives. Using Dexter Steel. Made in the U.S.A.
Comb & Brushes
A small selection of fur combs to remove dirt and burrs and brushes to make the fur glossy.
Fur Handling Books and DVDs
Fur Handling & Fur Preparation DVDs - Video Trapping Library
Fur Stretchers
We have a wide selection of fur stretchers. Stretchers for fox, coyote, coon, bobcat, muskrat, and more! Check out these great products and our low prices!
Gambrel Skinning and Fur Hangers
A variety of gambrels for all your skinning needs.
Knives & Fleshing Tools
Fleshing Knives, Skinning Knives, Sharpeners, and Tail Strippers along with pelters, scrapers, and fleshing tools.
Trapper’s Aprons and Skinning Gloves
Get your protective gear here! We have aprons in a variety of colors and styles. We have gloves and gauntlets both insulated and non insulated, long and short, rubber, cloth, and latex depending on your needs.
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Fur Handling Value Bundle - 6 Piece Kit
Price: $32.70
Fur Handling Value Bundle - 6 Piece Kit
Winkler Zipper - Plastic Tail Stripper - One Handled Fleshing Tool - Standard Gambrel - Fur & Hide Tanning Solution - Wiebe Skinning Knife
Fur Handling Value Bundle - 8 Piece Kit
Price: $79.95
Fur Handling Value Bundle - 8 Piece Kit
1) AuSable Large Pelt Scraper 1) Wiebe Tail Zipper 1) Aluminum Tail Stripper 1) AuSable Huron Knife 1) Thorpe’s Indian Tan 1) Fur Handling DVD 1) AuSable Gambrel - Small 1) AuSable Gambrel - Large
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