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Garden Gard Deer and Rabbit Repellent

Price : $49.95
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Item Number : GGD
Manufacturer Part No : GGD

Detailed Description Effective for up to six weeks without reapplying. 6,900 square foot coverage. Starting 12-15" from the plants/trees to be protected apply an 18-20" band of product around the perimeter. Multiple strips of Garden Gard placed at the deer/rabbits entry point to your property can repel them before they get to your plants/flowers/trees. For use in flower beds, gardens, tree rows, and shrubs Not for human consumption Won't wash away like spray on products Reapplication after a very heavy rain is recommended We recommend handling Garden Gard with gloves due to the white pepper which can be an irritant. Normal safety precautions should be used to avoid irritation (five pair of Nitrile gloves included). Ingredients : Dried Blood Garlic White Pepper Cloves Meat Meal
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