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Cold Creek Heavy Duty S Hook Tool

Price : $12.95
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Item Number : SStool
Manufacturer : Cold Creek Products
Manufacturer Part No : SStool

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Heavy Duty S Hook Tool

A tool for snare building, used for the opening and closing of S hooks, this tool is a must have when making your own snares. Heavy Duty and Durable

Many trappers get years of use from this handy tool. While others struggle with it and break it. Seldom do the main jaws break (which are for closing S-hooks and rivets); the problem for some is with the side jaws that are used for opening. Care should be taken to have the tips of the side jaws as into the S-hook or rivets as possible, so that you are working with the thicker part of the outer jaws rather then the tips. When opening rivets or S-hooks use steady pressure and have the jaws positioned as square as possible. This tool is equipped with opening jaws on both sides so should you break the tips on one you still have a workable tool.

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