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Mouse Box with Victor Mouse Trap Included

Price : $7.00
In Stock
Item Number : MOUSEBOX
Manufacturer : Victor
Manufacturer Part No : MOUSEBOX

House of Krumbach Mouse Box with Victor Mouse Trap Included

Just set bait and place, the mouse crawls in and doesn't crawl out. A discreet way of handing those rodent pests! A handcrafted wooden box that measures 5.5"X3.5"X3" the lid has an over hang of 1 1/4". These Mice Boxes are good in houses with dogs, they keep the mice and the trap hidden inside the box. Place these anywhere you would place a regular mouse trap. Comes with a victor mouse trap included.

The white cedar used in the construction of each "House of Krumbach" is rough cut locally. It is then cut and sized on an antique flat belt shingle mill, powered by an antique hit and miss engine. All Houses and feeders are constructed of 100% white cedar. All parts of the houses are glued and then reinforced with galvanized staples and/or nails making them extremely durable and weather resistant.

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