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Hunting With Hounds

We carry the complete line of Nite Lite & Western Rivers rechargeable hunting light packages.
Featured are our Best Selling  Hunting/Fishing Light Packages!
Coon Squallers Calls
Raccoon callers and squallers
Leather Collars, Leads, Couplers, Hardware, Day-Glo Collars, Reflective Collars, Tree Ties, And More!
Dog Trailing Scents
Scents for training your hound to trail or retrieve. These scents are simple to use and will not harm your dog in any way
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Tree My Dog Video DVD. How to get your puppy to tree
Price: $24.95
Tree My Dog Video DVD. How to get your puppy to tree
This hot new video shows puppy imprinting tips and how to get your pup treeing by five months old. Also featured are some of the hottest treeing dogs including Rat Attack, Hardwood Phine, Beard's Dixie Chic, and many more. Hardwood Elvis Attack, the most
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