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Ketch-All Pole Instructions
"How They Work"

To Operate:

Referring to the picture of the pole, you will note that the excess cable is stored inside tubing and the noose is partially open.

To Open noose: a slight pull on release knob. To Close noose: pull on end of cable. (A locking device assembled inside the pole automatically locks cable in position and noose will not open until released by a pull on Release knob.)

To Snare Animal:

Slip noose over animal's head or other part of body and tighten sufficiently to restrain animal by a pull on the end of cable.

To Release Animal:

Open noose by a slight pull on Release knob.

With normal care, the Ketch-All Pole will give the user long and useful service. However, like any good tool, it may require occasional repairs. All parts, along with repair instructions, are readily available from the Ketch-All Company.

Or the Ketch-All Company will make any necessary repairs for a nominal labor charge plus parts.

The Ketch-All Pole is a quality-constructed device, designed for the humane handling of animals while affording maximum protection to the handler. It is patented, manufactured and distributed by the Ketch-All Company. Used by animal handlers in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, as well as in several foreign countries. Highly endorsed by Humane Societies, Animal Shelters, Zoos, Veterinarians, Police and Sheriff Departments, Movie Producers, etc.


To rescue and restrain both domestic and wild animals. It is most widely used on dogs - from the smallest to the largest; however, it is used just as successfully on many other animals - in sizes from squirrels to cougars. It is used also on reptiles and mammals - including snakes, alligators, seals and sea lions.

Instructions for Operating Standard Ketch-All Poles

1. Pull excess cable from storage hole at upper end of Ketch-All. With one hand, hold grip #2 toward middle of pole, and with your free hand, pull back on release knob #1, allowing cable to gradually slip forward through the palm and fingers. This prevents the end of the cable from whipping, and allows the other end to automatically form a loop, which is ready to use.
2. Place the loop over the animal's head or other part of body.
3. Pull the end of the cable behind the release knob. This tightens the loop around the animal, with the cable locking automatically as it is drawn in.
4. To release the loop, merely pull back on release knob as in operation number one. (If too much tension is applied to loop, the cable may fail to release. For best results, do no pull back on pole while attempting to release cable.)

Instructions for Operating Telescopic Extensions Poles

Do not suspend or lift heavy animals unless pole is retracted. When retracted, the extension pole is a heavy duty restraining device.

1. Pull back on release knob to expand loop. 2. Hold 1" tubing next to chuck, turning chuck to right to free 7/8" tubing. 3. Push 7/8" tubing forward until loop is closed. 4. Turn chuck to left, thus keeping extension in place. Repeat above steps until desired length is attained. 5. To retract telescopic pole, turn chuck to right until inner tubing moves freely, then pull cable until pole is retracted to tooth guard #5 6. When in the process of extending the pole, watch for two red warning marks on inner tubing. For best results, do not extend past second mark. If poles should become separated, release locking device, and slide back together. 7. Follow additional instructions for operating standard poles

Instructions for Care

When the Ketch-All is not in use for long periods of time, do not leave loop tightly drawn. Leave loop about half open thus taking tension off cable spring. Lubricate cable and other working parts occasionally with light machine oil through the hole at the top of release knob. Manufactured in the U.S.A., the Ketch-All is made of only high quality materials, and with proper care, it should provide long and useful service.
See diagram and parts list for identification of replaceable parts. When ordering new parts, please specify length and type (standard or extension) of pole.

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