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Kness Kage-All Pigeon Trap

MSRP : $84.99
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Item Number : 160-0-004
Manufacturer : Kness Manufacturing
Manufacturer Part No : 160-0-004

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Kness Manufacturing Ketch-All # 160-0-004 Pigeon Trap
Handmade Live Animal and Bird Traps

Kness Pigeon Trap

Bait the trap by spreading food around the doorway and under the trap. The funnel type door is 8" wide by 7" tall, allowing easy entry. Once inside, the pigeon is unable to get back out. The trap is always set and never needs to be reset. The overall size is 36" long, 19" wide and 9" high. The wire is 1" x 1", 16 gauge galvanized and is powder paint coated, which protect the finish for longer life. There is a door on the top of the trap for easy removal of birds.

Features, Advantages and Benefit of the Kage-All Live Cage Trap Product Line!




Zinc treated and powder coated steel heavy-gauge construction Protects finish. Reduces reflections and light flashes. Colored to blend into the surroundings. Durable, heavy-duty construction for years of use.
Protected bait area Keeps bait secure from outside access by animals. Attracts animals to desired location in trap.
Protected working parts Parts located inside trap to prevent premature tripping. Eliminates need for resetting trap.
Large trip treadle grate Insures positive catch. Located in rear of trap. Animal cannot back out before door closes.
Ground guard Protects the door and latch from grass, sticks, rocks, and other debris. Trap entry is not obstructed and catch latch is not restricted.
Patented spring loaded door latch Trap door stays in permanently locked position until operator releases. Escape by animal is impossible.
Handle with hand guard  Hand guard provides protection from trapped animal. Handle allows easy transport. Safe, simple and convenient design for transporting trapped animals.

We stock all Kage-All Traps for immediate shipment.  If you are an industrial user and would like a price quote please give us a call.

Chipmunk Trap 150-0-001 18 3/4" x 6" x 6 1/4" 1 3 lbs. 0 43312 10006 8
Squirrel Trap 151-0-001 25 1/4" x 9" x 9" 1 7 lbs. 0 43312 10007 5
Raccoon Trap 152-0-006  36" x 13" x 13" 1 12 lbs.  0 43312 10008 2
Pigeon Trap 160-0-001 37 1/4" x 18 3/4" x 9" 1 7 lbs. 0 43312 10014 3
Sparrow Trap 161-0-001 18 3/4" x 12 3/8" x 8 3/8" 1 7 lbs. 0 43312 10015 0

More about:  Kness Manufacturing Kage-All Quality Handmade Live Animal & BirdTraps

KAGE-ALL live animal traps are the safe and humane way to catch and keep animals. KAGE-ALL traps are custom designed to trap everything from sparrows to raccoon. Selected styles are made of durable zinc treated and powder coated steel heavy-gauge construction for years of use.

Innovative features of the heavy-duty animal traps include: gravity action door with patented spring loaded latch; guarded handle for safe and easy transport; protected bait area; large trip treadle grate; ground guard to keep latch and door free from debris; steel door stop to keep trap locked until operator release; and protected finish to reduce reflections and light flashes. Colored to blend into the surroundings.

Reuseable for years of pest control, the KAGE-ALL comes fully assembled.

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