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PcsOutdoors Lures & Baits Trapping Supplies PcsOutdoors Lures & Baits Trapping Supplies

Time Proven Trapping Lures, Trapping Baits and Animal Urine by the trapping industry's leading lure and bait makers. Trappers, you will also find everything your need to make your own trapping lures and baits.

Lure by Target Animal
Trapping Lures Listed by Target Animal Trapping lure, lure, animal lure, coon lure, fox lure, bobcat lure, and many more. Trapping Lures Listed by Target Animal
AuSable® Brand Animal Trapping Lures
AuSable Brand Urine is the highest of quality. No water or additives. Just a bit of sodium benzoate to make the shelf life more than a season or two.
trapping lure making ingredients
AuSable Brand Premium Trapping Lure and Bait Making Ingredients
Fur Life TV - Bryan Flowers
The Host of Fur Life TV has had the luxury of filming many of the worlds most Legendary Trapper's. You can imagine how successful his products are, see for yourself and try them today!
Caven's Lure & Caven's Bait
We Carry all Caven's Lures, Caven's Coyote Lures, Caven's Fox Lures, Caven's Raccoon Lures, Caven's Mink Lures, Caven's Bobcat Lures, Caven's Marten Lures, Caven's Muskrat Lures, Caven's Fisher Lures, and Caven's Weasel Lures.
dobbins animal lures
Dobbins' Lures are made by Paul Dobbins of Goldsboro, NC 27530. Dobbins' Lures available for Beaver, Muskrat, Coyote, and Fox.
Fish, Shrimp, Crawfish Oil
Feel like making your own trapping lures, you will find what you need here!
Forsyth Animal Trapping Lures
Forsyth sells the best animal lures in the business - in partnership with nature. Located in Canada, Forsyth lures are tested to the extreme! From Coyote, Wolf and Bobcat lure to Muskrat, Beaver and Marten. Stan uses the best glands the animals can offer.
Hawbaker's Lure & Hawbaker's Bait
Hawbaker Marten Lures, Hawbaker Muskrat Lures, Hawbaker Fisher Lures, Hawbaker Weasel Lures, Hawbaker Water Trapping Lure, and Hawbaker Long Distance Lures. Great Lures and Baits Must Have
Johnny Thorpe's Lures
"Don't be fooled! Thorpe Originals are all thick paste style". These are superior lures with only the best ingredients.
Mark June's Trapping Lures
Mark June has been making quality trapping lures and trapping baits since 1984. Over 30 Years of experience in lure making and trapping has proven this brands consistency and effectiveness in the field. One of the best brands in the industry.
Milligan Brand Lures
Coyote Lure, Beaver Lure, Red Fox Lure, Raccoon Lure, and Mink Lure. Known worldwide for their LDC, a great lure! Check it out!
O'Gorman Lures
We are lucky to carry a large assortment of O'Gorman Lures. With the formulas and compounds in these lures, we rate OGorman lure brand at the very top. Craig & Dana O'Gorman have been doing this for years and there is a reason they still are.
Pete Rickard Trapping Lures
Pete Rickard Lures have been used by trappers across North America for years. These authentic lures are a sure bet and will for Beaver, Mink, Raccoon, Coyote, Fox, Bobcat, etc.
Predator Control Group Lures and Baits
Predator Control Group lures and baits are the same ones they use all across the country while performing predator and beaver control. They make Their living from the same scents they sell. They don't fill bottles with weak and cheap lures.
Russ Carman Lures
We Carry all Carman Lures, Carman Coyote Lures, Carman Fox Lures, Carman Raccoon Lures, Carman Mink Lures
Tom Miranda Lures
Complete selection of Tom Miranda's Lures - the best in Red Fox, Coyote, Bobcat, Beaver, and Muskrat Lures.
hawbaker trapping fox urine
Coyote urine, fox urine, hawbaker coyote urine, hawbaker fox urine. The BEST!!
Quality Animal Urines. Good for trapping, as a cover scent for hunting, or to keep small critters and deer out of the lawn and garden. Quality Animal Urines are available in Gallon, Quart, Half Gallon, and Pint sizes.
Welch's Lures
Scott Welch's High Production Trapping Lures and Trapping Baits
Wildlife Research Center Ultimate Raccoon Lure
Wildlife Research Center Ultimate Raccoon Lure - Available in 1 oz., 4 oz. and Pint
Winter Wildlife Control Baits & Lures
A Lure and Bait Company specializing in Quality made Baits & Lures. When they say gland base lure. That's what they mean, they use only the best glands that we can find.
Wolfen Baits & Lures
Jim Tate III Lures & Baits are Made in Michigan. Jim uses his lures/baits across the entire Midwestern States with great success. These 2 oz. lures work on everything from Muskrats to ALL Predators.
Night Owl Lures
Night Owl Lures provide commercial quality animal attractors to trappers nationwide. Night Owl sets very high standards for lure, and each of them are compounded with some of the finest ingredients available on the market today.
John Graham's Fur Country Lures
The Fur Country line of lures is used by top trappers all over North America. When you buy a bottle of Fur Country Lure, you are buying a lure that has several qualities. It is consistent, it will do the job it was designed for, and it will last.
Leggett's Lures and Baits
Try ours and see the difference. We don't tell you it is the best, we let the lure decide for you! The results are obvious!
cronk's trapping lures
Cronk's Famous Animal Trapping Lures, Cronk's have been around for years and have excellent affordable lures. Try these!
E.J. Dailey On Target A.D.C. Animal Trapping Lures and Baits
We have lures for Badger, Bear, Beaver, Bobcat, Chipmunk, Coyote, Deer, Feral Cat, Flying Squirrel,  Fox, Groundhog, Opossum, Otter, Marten, Muskrat, Rabbit, Raccoon, Skunk, Squirrel, Wolf, Wolverine.
blackies blend lures
Blackies Blend Lures and Blackies Blend Bait. We Carry all Blackies Blend Lures, Blackies Blend Coyote Lures, Blackies Blend Fox Lures, Blackies Blend Raccoon Lures, Blackies Blend Mink Lures, Blackies Blend Bobcat Lures, Blackies Blend Marten Lures, Bla
trapping bait
Trapping Baits Listed by Target Animal Trapping bait, bait, animal bait, coon bait, fox bait, bobcat bait, and many more. Trapping Baits Listed by Animal
English Mountain Lures
Introducing English Mountain Lures. They make their lures and baits especially for the dog proof trappers out there with only the most natural ingredients and essential oils. All their products are made in small batches to ensure freshness and quality.
Blue Ridge Trapping Lures
Blue Ridge Lures are made by Southeastern Outdoors
Kains Lures, Awesome Lures for Coyote, Beaver, Muskrat, and Raccoon!
At the Mid-Michigan Trappers Rendezvous, we met up with Mike Kain and he showed us his lures. These lures work great and low low prices. Come check out Kains Lures; you won’t be sorry you clicked here. Awesome Lure for the Trapline!
Hoosier Trapper Supply's Leather Creek Trapping Lures
Leatherwood Creek Trapping Scents made by Charlie Masheck have become the first choice and in many cases the only lure choice of successful trappers.
Freeborough's Lures
Darin Freeborough is a coyote trapping expert. His lures & baits are proof of that. Trappers have been using his formulas with success for years. Darin's bait formulas have been used to catch 1000s of predators.
Bienville Trapping Lures & Bait
Welcome to Deep South Trapping Lures, we take pride in our lures and make most of the ingredients ourselves, and use only the best of what we haft to purchase. You can use our lures with confidence knowing that you are using the best. All lures are trap l
Kishel's Trapping Lure
Kishel's Scents is a scent company based out of East Aurora, New York. Kishel's Scents has been making lure for over 40 years and still today makes some of the best Hunting and Trapping scents on the market!
Jameson's Ultra Blend Lures
Bob Jameson has taken great pride and spent many...... years in developing every scent product and each is very unique in character. In essence his products were formulated to appeal to sensory, food and instinctual biological drives.
Grawe's Lures & Baits
We Carry all Grawe's Lures for Coyote, Fox, Raccoon, Mink, & Bobcat. Affordable Lures!!
Epler Fur's Trapping Lures and Baits
High quality lures and baits for trapping. Great coon lures, bobcat lures, coyote lure, red fox lures, fisher lures mink lures and more!
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