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Pesky Paws
Serving N.E. Michigan
Licensed & Insured
If you have nuisance, predatory wildlife or animal issues, concerns or
worries ... look no further. You have certainly come to the right place for a
Professional Resolve.

Trying to do it yourself? Do you know how? Do you know what to look for?
Do you know how to properly remove a hazardous animal and properly
exclude it from regaining access? Do you know how to accomplish these
task without causing harm or injury to yourselves, your loved-ones or to the
public? If not ... a hospitalization or emergency room visit will cost far more
than a professional wildlife service provider, and the "do it yourself" action
can also cause the home owner to become liable for injury or damages.

 Duane Haske, shown left, is proud to present Pesky Paws to the public. Serving the needs of the client is his first priority, to which he has been successful at accomplishing for more than 20 years. If you have wildlife or animal issues, concerns or questions ... give the Pesky Paws crew a call.

Pesky Paws can provide remedies for the following species, and anything not listed:

* Armadillos
* Bats
* Birds
* Beavers
* Coyotes
* Ducks
* Geese
* Stray Cats
* Honey Bees
* Mice
* Moles & Gophers
* Pigeons
* Possums
* Rats
* Skunks
* Sparrows
* Snakes
* Squirrels
* Swallows
* Woodpeckers
* Dead Animals
* Others


Pesky Paws provides the professional services to the following areas of N.E. Michigan: Alpena, Atlanta, Bolto, Cathro, Green Township, Harrisville, Herron, Hillman, Hubbard Lake, Lachine, Leer, Long Rapids Township, Maple Ridge Township, Ossineke, Posen, Rogers City, Sanborn Township, Spratt, Wellington Township, Wilson Township and Surrounding Communities




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