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Pest Control

Largest selection of quality cost effective pest control products on the market. You will find everything to remove your unwanted rodents and animals. If you are an industrial, commercial user, or just need a lot of pest control products, all our products have quantity discounts for larger purchases. We also accept request for quotes and would appreciate the opportunity to be your supplier. We buy directly from the manufacturer and are very competitive in our pricing. 

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Animal Containment - Cages / Carriers / Restraint Modules / Squeeze Cages
Top Opening Cages, End Opening Cages, Transfer Cages, Restraint Modules, Squeeze Cages, Cat Dens / Animal Carriers, Tomahawk Disposable Pet Carriers
havhart live traps
Havahart Live Animal Traps. Featuring 1079 Professional Ground Hog & Raccoon Live Trap, 0745 Havahart Chipmunk Live Trap, 1088 Havahart Collapsible Live Cage Rabbit & Squirrel Trap, Havahart Mouse & Rat Live Cage Trap. Great Prices from Authorized Havah
animal repellers
Featuring quality Animal Repellers by Havahart, Victor and Bird-X. Ultrasonic Animal Repellers, Motion Activated Water Spray Animal Repellers. Extremely effective for protecting yard and garden from Deer, Raccoons, Skunks, Dogs and other nuisance animal
Armadillo Nuisance Control Products
Armadillo Nuisance Control Products. We carry all the supplies you need to remove nuisance armadilos from your yard and garden. Armadilo Traps, Armadilo Repellents, Armadilo Deterrants, Armadilo Electronic Control, Armadilo Live Cage Traps. Armadillos a
Bat Control
Keep Bats out of your Attic and Walls! Repelling bats, rabbits and squirrels. Keeps bats, birds, rabbits and squirrels out of your attic, chimney, rafters, garages, flower beds and more with this EPA registered bat repellent! Solutions for keeping bats o
Bird Control Products
Bird-X Ultrasonic, Electronic, Visual Bird Scare Devices. Kness Kage-All Sparrow Live Traps and Kage-All Pigeon Live Traps. Your complete bird control headquarters.
nuisance chipmunk control
Chipmunk nuisance pest control products. Chipmunk live cage traps, chipmunk repellents and chipmunk deterrents, chipmunk traditional traps, electronic chipmunk traps. Easy do it yourself nuisance chipmunk removal products.
Clothes Moth
Best Used For Killing moths. Don't let moths dine on your best dinner jacket! This trap alerts you to moth problems while it attracts and traps adult moths. Uses pheromones to attract and trap adult moths. Traps last up to 12 weeks. Why are moths attra
Deer Control
We carry the products to keep deer away from your garden protecting plants from deer. Protect your garden this year with effective deer control products such as Havahart, Nature's Defense, Bird-X & Deer-Off
Gopher Control
Distributor for Victor and Havahart pest control quality products. If you are an industrial, resale or wholesale purchaser please give us a call for low case prices on all Victor and Havahart products. For great service and great low prices please call
groundhog or woodchuck nuisance control products
Nuisance Woodchuck or Groundhog Control Products. We carry the woodchuck or groundhog nuisance control you need. Effective groundhog and woodchuck traps, repellents, deterrents, electronic devices, baits and supplies you need to rid woodchucks.
Insect Control
Yellow Jacket & Wasp Control Products, Spider Control, Effective Mosquito Control Products, Complete line of Victor and Safer Brand Ant Control Product ,Ant Control Product, Flea and Tick Control Products, Roach Control Products, Scorpion Control Products
Mole Control
Mole Control Traps featuring Victor Mole Traps, Nash Mole Traps, Cinch Mole Traps, Easy Set Mole Eliminator Traps and the Nash Choker Loop Mole Traps. Volume Discounts available on all mole traps. Your Authorized Victor Mole Trap Factory Distributor.
Mouse and Rat Control
Make sure to check out our other selections of rodent control products, Electronic Kill Rodent Traps, M751 Victor Sonic Mini PestChaser Ultrasonic Rodent Repellent, and Victor Repeating Live Catch Traps.
Opossum Nuisance Control Products. We carry Opossum Live Cage Traps, Opossum Repellents and Deterrants, Opossum Traps, Opossum Live Cage Trap Baits and basically anything you need to remove a nuisance opossum.
rabbit pest control
Nuisance Rabbit Control Products. We carry Rabbit Live Cage Traps, Rabbit Repellent Products, Rabbit Motioned Activated Water Sprayers, and Electronic Rabbit Conrol Products
raccoon nuisance control products
Raccoon Nuisance Control Products. We carry more effective raccoon nuisance control products than anyone. Raccoon Live Cage Traps, Raccoon Dog Proof Traps, Raccoon Repellents, Raccoon Electronic Control Repellents. Raccoon Pest Control Headquarters.
victor rodent control effective control for both mice and rats
Complete line of quality Victor and Kness Rodent Mouse and Rat Control Products. Make sure to check out our other selections of rodent control products, Electronic Kill Rodent Traps, M751 Victor Sonic Mini PestChaser Ultrasonic Rodent Repellent, Victor Re
skunk pest control products
Skunk Nuisance Pest Control Products. We carry skunk live cage traps, motion activated Havahart sprayers, skunk liquid repellents and deterrants, and traditional skunk removal products. Let our staff help you pick the proper skunk removal product.
snake repellents
Snake Reppellant products that really work great. Effectively repel garter snakes, rattlesnakes and other species from areas they are not wanted. Get rid of all those pesky snakes with these products
Spider Control
200 different species of spiders have bites that can pose health problems to humans. Many larger species' bites may be painful. So keep these nasty spiders away with these products.
squirrel pest control
Squirrel Control Products to Control Nuisance Squirrels. We have the products to control nuisance red squirrels, fox squirrels, grey squirrels, black squirrels and chipmunks. All effect squirrel control products carried. We carry live traps for squirre
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(2 Pack) Easy Set Mole Eliminator Trap f rom Wire-Tek
Price: $56.95
(2 Pack) Easy Set Mole Eliminator Trap f rom Wire-Tek
Easy Set Mole Eliminator Trap. This trap elimnates a mole for good.
Bonide Bat Magic - Bat Repellent
Price: From $8.95 to $169.95
Bonide Bat Magic - Bat Repellent
4 Ready To Use Place Packs Per Box - Drives bats from attics, blinds, wall voids, chimneys and other confined spaces where they like to hide. Contains natural ingredients packaged in convenient simple to use "place packs Lasts for weeks.
Revenge Ant Bait Station - 3 Baits Per Box
Price: From $7.49 to $71.99
Revenge Ant Bait Station - 3 Baits Per Box
Kills common household ants including argentine ants and carpenter ants. Each box contains 3 Pre-Filled liquid bait stations. Use indoors or outdoors, also kills roaches. Large 0.75 oz. bait stations with 1% low-dose formula.
Safeguard EZ-Set Live Mouse Trap #54600
Safeguard EZ-Set Live Mouse Trap #54600
Price: $9.00
Safeguard EZ-Set Live Mouse Trap #54600
This is the most versatile trap on the market, as it can go virtually anywhere, in or around any corner! Get EZ-Set and get rid of that mouse!
Safer Brand Critter Ridder - Deer & Rabbit Repellent
Safer Brand Critter Ridder - Deer & Rabbit Repellent
MSRP: $49.99
Price: $44.95
You Save: $5.04 (10 %)
Safer Brand Critter Ridder - Deer & Rabbit Repellent
Get defense from destructive animals with a long-lasting repellent that offers two layers of protection. Safer® Brand Critter Ridder® Deer & Rabbit Repellent repels for up to 90 days by triggering both senses of scent and taste.
Terro Ant & Roach Baits
Terro Ant & Roach Baits
MSRP: $7.99
Price: $6.25
You Save: $1.74 (22 %)
Terro Ant & Roach Baits
When you have a bug problem, you want it to be handled as fast and as simply as possible. TERRO® Ant & Roach Baits offer a 2-in-1 solution that eliminates the need for multiple products.
Victor Fast-Kill Bait Station - Model: M911
Price: From $2.25 to $38.95
Victor Fast-Kill Bait Station - Model: M911
Victor Fast-Kill Brand Disposable Bait Stations are pre-filled with a single-feed non-anticoagulant rodenticide. With Fast-Kill brand unique formulation, rodents will stop feeding after eating a lethal dose. This allows the ability to control more rodents
Victor M150 Metal Pedal Mouse Trap - 2 Traps Per Package
Price: From $1.19 to $20.95
Victor M150 Metal Pedal Mouse Trap - 2 Traps Per Package
The original wood-based wire snap trap, the Victor Metal Pedal Mouse Trap provides instant rodent control and is safe for household use. Trusted to control mice for over 100 years, this trap allows for clean and quick trapping.
Victor M807 Rat-A-Way Rat and Mouse Repellent - 3lb Bag - Non-Toxic
Price: From $12.95 to $124.95
Victor M807 Rat-A-Way Rat and Mouse Repellent - 3lb Bag - Non-Toxic
Stop rodents before they have a chance to invade your home with Victor Rat-A-Way Rat Repellent! This all-natural rat repellent is a safe and effective way to deter would-be rodent invaders. It utilizes a blend of poison-free essential oils.
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