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Founding of the Hudson's Bay Company

Henry Hudson's expedition had found the northern route into the Canadian interior, by following an arctic passage that allowed the English to avoid the French who were expanding in the south, along the St. Lawrence River valley.

In the 1660s, two Frenchmen, Radisson and Groseilliers, explored all the way to Hudson's Bay, and learned that the area was rich with furs.

Their tales of the bounty of furs that were to be had made rich businessmen in Montreal, Quebec, and London drool with greed. They managed to raise money to bring a ship load of furs back to England, and convince merchants to invest in the fur trade.

As a result, a group of wealthy English merchants formed the Hudson's Bay Company, in 1670, and the King of England granted the Company a fur trade monopoly for all the lands drained by rivers flowing into Hudson's Bay. Even though the land did not belong to him or to his country.

The Hudson's Bay Company built trading forts along Hudson's Bay at several river mouths where sailing ships could be anchored.

The deep-water ports gave the British traders easy access to the richest fur country of all, and a great advantage over the French: Big ocean-going ships could sail directly between Britain and Hudson's Bay, bringing in trade goods, and carrying out furs.

On the other hand, the French fur traders out of Montreal and Quebec, had to paddle long distances along rivers and lakes to reach their forts in the interior.

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Hudson's Bay Capote Natural Brown Stripe Throw Blanket
Price: $166.25
Hudson's Bay Capote Natural Brown Stripe Throw Blanket
Hudson's Bay Capote Natural Brown Stripe Throw Blanket -
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