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Southern Crossbow™ is built on the idea of integrating age-old American resourcefulness and perseverance with modern equipment. These one-of-a-kind, tactical crossbows are different than the typical genre of the traditional crossbow market. With a matte black finish instead of a camouflage print, Southern Crossbow™ incorporates the style and customizable traits of a tactical weapon’s platform with an innovative crossbow structure. Southern Crossbows are equipped with a state-of-the-art, customizable AR platform, allowing users to mount flashlights, lasers, night vision riflescopes or any other tactical accessory that can be applied to an AR platform. Along with collapsible stocks, swinging stocks, and ergonomic grips, Southern Crossbow™ offers a modular crossbow system users can customize to their needs. The crossbows include arrows, a scope and a detachable quiver, everything needed for an ultimate crossbow experience. Their quiet cams, low draw weight and high arrow speed make these crossbows effective and efficient. Hunters and rifle shooters who enjoy speed and the thrill of the chase, but want the experience of a compound bow, can benefit from Southern Crossbow™’s product line. With a quicker learning curve than the compound bow, users can start using their crossbow in a desirable time frame. In most states, crossbow hunters have the advantage of hunting before rifle hunting season begins.
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