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Snare Building Parts

Here you will find the best selection of snare building supplies. These are high quality parts but still affordable.  Everything from deer stops to cable we have everything you will need right here and low low prices.

Everything you need for making snares:

Aluminum Double Ferrules for 1/16", 1/32", 1/8" & 5/64" cable
Aluminum Double Ferrules for 1/16", 3/32", 1/8" & 5/64" cable. pcsoutdoors is your source for all your snare making needs.
Cam Lock Snare Locks
Featuring Bridger Cam Locs. Cam Loc Snare Locks for snares. The most humane lock available, this lock may be reused time and again.
Pinch On Deer Stops for Snares
Pinch On Deer Stops for Snares prevent your snares from harming the deer. Some states actually require you have the stops, so always be sure to check your local laws.
Snare Cable 1/16, 3/32, 1/8 & 5/64
All Sizes of galvanized aircraft cable for snare making. We carry all sizes of snare making cable very high quality cable.
Pig Tail Snare Supports
Supports for snares, including support wire. Pig tail supports and support wire 9 and 11 guage.
Snare Swivels
These swivels have many uses, but we use them mainly for snare building. They are very easy to work with and high quality
Stop Buttons for Snare Building
Simple to use aluminum stop buttons for snares. They are put on the end of the washers and swivels to prevent the washer or swivel from moving.
Support Collars for Snares (Whammys)
Support Collars for snares. (Whammys). Put these next to the lock, then push a #9 support wire or a pig tail support into it. Locks the loop into place and support the snare. Fits all sizes of cable.
Sure Locks and Micro Lock Snare Locks
Sure Locks For Snare Building, these locks are excellent for snare building, they are high quality but still affordable a must have for anyone who wants to build a great snare.
Washer Locks for Snares
Washer Locks for all sizes of cable, these locks will prevent the animal from getting away, high quality washer locks
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Minnesota Brand 50# Dispatch Springs
Price: From $2.35 to $11.95
Minnesota Brand 50# Dispatch Springs
Proven to dispatch coyote, fox, and bobcat. The compression spring is quality spring steel coated with black oxide and wax for corrosion resistance. Works with a variety of locks when used with break away J-hooks.
Trappers Bender - Bench Mounted Wire Snare Swivel Tool
Price: $25.95
Trappers Bender - Bench Mounted Wire Snare Swivel Tool
Bench mounted wire snare swivel tool. This tool can also be used to make snare supports and whammies. Comes with instructions.
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