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Some Good Animal Snaring Information Advice

Brought to you by Ausable Trading Post Brand Snares - Best Value in Animal Snares!

Modern snares are an effective wildlife management tool.  Animal nuisance control operators and fur trapper's can carry dozens at a time and the cost is a fraction of traditional traps and live traps.  Snares can be effectively used on most animals from small squirrels to large bears.  Snares are a major benefit at times of freezing weather and snow, as snares continue to be effective even under freezing conditions.

It is your responsibility to know and follow your state's snaring regulations. 

Proper placement of the snare along with the proper loop diameter and height off the ground is very important when snaring animals.  The following chart has the recommended loop diameter and height off the ground for the most commonly snared animals. 

Target Animal to Snare Loop Diameter Height Off Ground  
Badger 10" 3"  
Beaver 10" 3"  
Bobcat 8" 8"  
Coyote 12" 12"  
Fisher 8" 4"  
Grey Fox 8" 8"  
Ground Hog 6" 2"  
Large Squirrel 6" 2"  
Lynx 9" 9"  
Marten 6" 2"  
Mink 6" 2"  
Nutria 6" 2"  
Opossum 6" 2"  
Otter 6" 3"  
Rabbit 6" 2"  
Raccoon 8" 4"  
Red Fox 8" 8"  
Skunk 6" 2"  
Wild Hogs 18" 12"  
Wolf 18" 12"  
Wolverine 8" 8"  
Woodchuck 6" 2"  

Make sure to stake or tie down your snare well as animals that are snared have all four legs for traction and pulling.  Swiveled Snares have swivels that fit easily on either 3/8" of 1/2" rebar stakes.   The entire lock and snare loop can be slipped through the swivel to function as a tree lock or and adjustable snare tie off.

Place your snares in trails, log crossings, front of cubbies, any place you would set a conibear trap, and culverts under roads. A support system is used to hold the snare in place and is anything like 9 gauge wire or double twisted 14 gauge wire.  Most snares on the market have a support collar included with the snare and you simply insert the support collar through the wire support system.

Today's snares are usually made of galvanized aircraft cable and will not rust.  Most trappers do not dye or color their snares; however, one can dip in dye or paint if they feel the snare color is a problem.

Brought to you by Ausable Trading Post Brand Snares - Best Value in Animal Snares!

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