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Tomahawk Live Traps

Tomahawk Live Traps
Order your animal and pest control products online from the world's most trusted name in the industry. Hundreds of quality, value-priced products used by professionals, educators, animal control officers, volunteers, and pest control operators worldwide.
Original Series Tomahawk Live Traps
Industry Leader. Regarded as the strongest, most reliable, and most durable traps available. Made in the USA. Manufactured in the USA at our facility in Hazelhurst, Wisconsin. Quality assured. Each trap is quality inspected and tested before it is sh
Professional Series Tomahawk Live Traps
Tomahawk Professional Live Traps are the strongest, most durable, and most effective traps available. These traps surpass even our legendary "Original Series" traps when it comes to toughness. They feature a very strong frame with tighter mesh and heavier
Tomahawk Excluder Traps with One Way Door and Rear Door
The rear door turns excluders into repeating traps. Simply remove the rear door to use this as a true excluder, or put the door in place to trap excluded animals.
Tomahawk Excluders with One Way Door
Tomahawk excluders are designed to let animals remove themselves from unwanted areas. Excluders have mounting wings which allow them to be attached directly over the animals’ entry / exit hole. The one way door lets animals exit, but prevents them from re
Tomahawk Flush Mount Simple Traps
They are flush mounting traps which means the trap door does not protrude beyond the trap frame. This gives you the option to position the trap flush against an animal’s den opening, forcing them to enter the trap when they exit.
Tomahawk Plastic Traps
These traps are made from durable polyethylene and formed into one solid piece. The solid frame construction protects animals from the environment and handlers from animals. It also prevents trapped animals from reaching outside the trap and damaging the
Tomahawk Trap Covers
Trap Covers are great for protecting captured animals from the elements. They also hide trapped animals so people passing by don’t see them and become alarmed. The cover can be left on the trap when transporting the animal, giving you added protection.
Tomahawk Trap Dividers
These tools are great for TNR when animal are left to recover in the trap for an extended period of time. Use the divider to isolate the animal, then open the door and replace food and water. Close the door and remove the divider.
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