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blackies blend lures
Blackies Blend Lures and Blackies Blend Bait. We Carry all Blackies Blend Lures, Blackies Blend Coyote Lures, Blackies Blend Fox Lures, Blackies Blend Raccoon Lures, Blackies Blend Mink Lures, Blackies Blend Bobcat Lures, Blackies Blend Marten Lures, Bla


Caven's Lure & Caven's Bait
Cavens Lures and Cavens Bait. We Carry all Cavens Lures, Cavens Coyote Lures, Cavens Fox Lures, Cavens Raccoon Lures, Cavens Mink Lures, Cavens Bobcat Lures, Cavens Marten Lures, Cavens Muskrat Lures, Cavens Fisher Lures, Cavens Weasel Lures, Cavens Wate


cronk's trapping lures
Cronk's Famous Animal Trapping Lures, Cronk's have been around for years and have excellent affordable lures. Try these!


dobbins animal lures
Dobbins Lures are made by Paul Dobbins of Goldsboro, NC 27530. Dobbins Lures are some of the best animal lures for Beaver, Muskrat, Coyote, and Fox.


Epler Fur's Trapping Lures and Baits
High quality lures and baits for trapping. Great coon lures, bobcat lures, coyote lure, red fox lures, fisher lures mink lures and more!


Grawe's Lures & Baits
Grawes Lures and Grawes Bait. We Carry all Grawes Lures, Grawes Coyote Lures, Grawes Fox Lures, Grawes Raccoon Lures, Grawes Mink Lures, Grawes Bobcat Lures, Affordable Lures!!


Hawbaker's Lure & Hawbaker's Bait
Hawbaker Marten Lures, Hawbaker Muskrat Lures, Hawbaker Fisher Lures, Hawbaker Weasel Lures, Hawbaker Water Trapping Lure, and Hawbaker Long Distance Lures. Great Lures and Baits Must Have


John Graham's Fur Country Lures
Lures and Bait. Coyote Lures, Fox Lures, Raccoon Lures, Mink Lures, Bobcat Lures, Marten Lures, Muskrat Lures, Fisher Lures, Weasel Lures. Buy Here!



Kains Lures, Awesome Lures for Coyote, Beaver, Muskrat, and Raccoon!
At the Mid-Michigan Trappers Rendezvous we met up with Mike Kain and he showed us his lures. These lures work great and low low prices. Come check out Kains Lures you won’t be sorry you clicked here. Awesome Lure for the Trapline!


lenon animal fur trapping lures
Lenon's Animal Lures have been a trapping tradition since 1924 and are bottled in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan by Asa Lenon, son of Herb Lenon. Please take the time to follow the links below to learn more about Lenon Animal Lures.


Mark June's Trapping Lures
Mark June Coyote Lure, Mark June Beaver Lure, Mark June Red Fox Lure and Mark June Raccoon Bait, Mark June Mink Bait, Mark June Coyote Bait, Mark June Red Fox Bait. Look at These!


Milligan Brand Lures
Coyote Lure, Beaver Lure, Red Fox Lure and Raccoon Lure, Mink Lure. Known worldwide fore there LDC, a great lure! Check it out!


O'Gorman Lures
We Carry all Ogormans Lures, Ogormans Coyote Lures, Ogormans Fox Lures, Ogormans Raccoon Lures, Ogormans Mink Lures, Ogormans Bobcat Lures, Ogormans Marten Lures. Hes been trapping for decades!



Predator Control Group Lures and Baits
Predator Control Group lures and baits are the same ones they use all across the country while performing predator and beaver control. They make Their living from the same scents they sell. They don't fill bottles with weak and cheap lures for higher prof


Russ Carman Lures
We Carry all Carman Lures, Carman Coyote Lures, Carman Fox Lures, Carman Raccoon Lures, Carman Mink Lures


Tom Miranda Lures
Tom Miranda Lures. Complete selection of Tom Miranda's Lures the best in Red Fox, Coyote, Bobcat, Beaver, and Muskrat Lure.
Trent Masterson's Truckload Coon Bait
If you are in the market for the some awesome coon bait, look no further. Trent Masterson has designed this coon bait specifically for dog proof traps and live cage traps. This bait will bring in the coons every time!


Ausable Brand Animal Trapping Lures
Ausable Lures: A collection of formulas by some of Michigan's top trappers. Formulated for maximum results and to be resistant to extreme weather conditions North, South, East, or West. Bottled with pride and labeled with a waterproof label. Every aspect
Welch's Lures
Scott Welch's High Production Trapping Lures and Trapping Baits
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