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Animal Traps by Bridger, Duke, MB Traps and More

Featuring the PCS Feather Light Dog Proof Trap & a full line of Minnesota Brand Traps proudly Made in the U.S.A. We also stock Bridger Brand Traps, Wolf Creek Product Traps, Duke Traps, and Belisle Traps.

We have both the stock and knowledgeable staff to assist with any questions you may have in deciding which trap is right for you, feel free to call us anytime at (989) 569-3480.


bear traps
Bear Traps are perfect for decorating homes, business, or any place a rustic decor is trying to be established. We carry the largest selection of decoration bear traps on the market at a great price.
Beaver Traps Live, Body Grip and Foothold
Top Picks for Beaver Traps Live, Body Grip and Foothold. Beaver Lures and other Beaver Trapping Supplies
Belisle Body Grip Traps
Belisle Body Grip Traps Made in Canada
Kness Pigeon Bird Traps & Kness Sparrow Traps
Featuring Kness Pigeon Traps & Kness Sparrow Traps. Complete line BirdX Bird Visual Scares and BirdX Bird Sound Scaring Bird Control Devices.
Bridger Coil Spring Traps, Bridger Long Spring Traps and Bridger Body Grip Traps
Bridger Coil Spring Traps, Bridger Longspring Traps and Bridger Body Gripper Traps. Bridger makes some of the most sought after fox traps, beaver traps and coyote traps. Bridger traps are built tough and a favorite for long line trapper's.
Dog Proof Raccoon Traps
The PCS Outdoors Feather Light Aluminum Dog Proof Coon Trap is Made in the USA and is one of the most effective dog proof raccoon traps on the market.
Duke Coilspring Traps, Duke Body Grip Traps and Duke Longspring Traps
Cage Traps, Coil Spring Traps, Long Spring Traps and Body Gripping Traps for use in trapping wild animals for nuisance control, food, or fur trade.
Victor Gopher Traps and Cinch Gopher Traps
Quality cost effective pest control products for gopher removal.
live cage animal traps
You'll find a live animal cage trap for every animal here. Complete line of quality Duke live animal cage traps, Havahart live cage traps, and Kness Live Cage Traps. Use Lenon animal lure for maximum success.
Minnesota Brand Traps
Minnesota Brand Traps Proudly Made in the U.S.A - MB Brand Traps are some of the finest quality coilspring traps and body gripper traps on the market today. The MB 550 is the most popular trap in world.
victor mole traps, easy set mole traps, cinch mole traps, scissor mole traps, spear mole traps
Time proven Victor Mole Traps, Cinch Mole Traps, and the Easy Set Mole Eliminator Trap. Wholesale prices available for Wildlife Nuisance Control Operators.
muskrat colony traps, muskrat conibear traps, muskrat killer traps, muskrat coilspring traps, lenon muskrat lure, muskrat stop loss traps
Muskrat colony traps, Muskrat Body Grip Traps, Muskrat coilspring traps, Muskrat Lure, Muskrat Long Spring Traps
NO-BS Traps & Supplies
NO-BS offers some of the best American Made traps on the market. From their K9 X-Treme Coyote trap with variations that come in 2 and 4 coil as well as laminated and offset jaws.
Ouell of Canada Rodent Traps
Traps manufactured in Canada. For gopher, rodents, skunk, muskrat, squirrels and rabbits.
Rudy Canadian Body Grip Traps by Ouell
Proudly made in Canada with top quality materials, RUDY products guarantee performance, quality, durability and satisfaction! Imagined and designed by Yvon Rudacovitch, now taken over by Ouell company! Try them out today!
Sleepy Creek Longspring Traps, Sleepy Creek Body Gripper Traps & Sleepy Creek Longspring Traps
Sleepy Creek Longspring Traps, Sleepy Creek Body Gripper Traps & Sleepy Creek Longspring Traps
Tomahawk Turtle Traps
These traps are constructed of heavy duty 12 gauge wire mesh and steel rods. They are galvanized to provide resistance to rust and corrosion. They feature spring loaded doors with a special locking system that allows them to perform well when placed at a
Trap Parts
America's Favorite Trapping Supply Dealer. A full line of replacement trap parts at great prices and great service. Trap parts headquarters Sleepy Creek trap parts, Bridger trap parts, Duke trap parts, at very fair prices.
Weasel Boxes and Weasel Traps
Great selection of weasel trapping products at affordable prices. Weasel Boxes and Weasel traps at affordable prices. Featuring Lenon's Weasel Super All Call Weasel Lure.
wolf traps
Wolf Traps
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