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Quality Animal Urines. Trappers Coyote Urine, Mink Urine, Red Fox Urine and Bobcat Urine has been on the market for generations. 100% pure coyote, mink, red fox and bobcat urine. Good for trapping, as a cover scent for hunting, or to keep small critters and deer out of the lawn and garden. Quality Animal Urines are available in pint, quart, half gallon, and gallon sizes.

Lure Accessories Urines by Animal

Premium Trappers Animal Urine

Beaver Lures
Bobcat Lures
Coyote Lures
Mink Lures
Muskrat Lures
Raccoon Lures

Lure & Bait Pouches Bobcat Urine
1 & 4 oz. Droppers Coyote Urine
Sheep Wool Grey Fox Urine
Lure Holders Mink Urine
Bottles & Bait Jars Raccoon Urine
Lure Making Books Red Fox Urine
Lure Making Videos Timber Wolf Urine
Fish & Other Oils Lure & Bait Making
Salmon Oil Essential Oils & Musks
Fish Oil Glands & Tinctures
Crawfish Oil Propylene Glycol
Shellfish Oil Glycerin
Sodium Benzoate
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