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Victor Electronic Rat Trap Model # M240

Price : $49.38
In Stock
Item Number : M240
Manufacturer : Victor
Manufacturer Part No : M240

Victor Electronic Rat Trap Model # M240

The Electronic Rat Trap activates when the rat completes the circuit by touching the metal plates inside the plastic housing and features a patent pending design that prevents escapes.

  • Will exterminate about 50 rats using 4 "C" batteries
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets
  • Red indicator light flashes when the batteries need to be replaced
  • Quick, humane kill
  • MFG Brand Name : Victor
  • MFG Model # : M240
  • MFG Part # : M240

The Victor Model M240 can also be used for electronic trapping of similar size animals such as chipmunks, small red squirrel, etc.


Known for the most innovative rodent control products on the market, Victor presents the Electronic Rat Trap – the only rat trap with a patented 3-plate design to prevent escapes.

Easy to use, the trap is simply baited, placed against the wall and turned on.  The trap uses advanced smart circuit technology to sense when a rodent enters the units.  Once the rodent is inside, the system delivers a humane, high-voltage shock to effectively kill the rat or mouse in seconds.


A green indicator light illuminates when a rat has been exterminated and is ready for removal.  Rodents can then be dumped directly into the trash for no-touch, no-view mouse control.

Since rats have the ability to restart their hearts after an electrical shock, the Victor Electronic Rat Trap applies shock for 2 minutes ensuring high kill rates.  Additionally, the Victor Electronic Rat Trap is the only trap that automatically resets after an irregular escape.

Safe for use anywhere in the home, the Victor Electronic Rat Trap is ideal for Attics, Garages, Basements, Sheds, and Kitchens.

A lifetime investment, the Electronic Rat Trap is easy to clean and can be reused indefinitely. For effective rat control, one set of 4 ‘C’ batteries will eliminate up to 50 rats, and a red light indicates when batteries need replacing. 


Victor M240 Electronic Rat Trap - Specs:

 • Kills 50 rats per each per set of 4C batteries (batteries not included)
 • High voltage shock kills rats and mice in seconds
 • Easy to use – simply bait, turn on, & empty
 • Patented design prevents escapes
 • Smart circuit technology senses rodent to trigger electronic shock
 • Auto reset occurs allows trap to always be ready to kill
 • Non-toxic, poison free
 • Blinking Green-light indicates kill
 • Blinking Red-light indicates low battery















To Set & Place the Victor Electronic Rat Trap Model # M240:

1. Be sure the trap is in the “OFF” position

2. Insert a small amount of peanut butter through
a bottom hole on the back of trap.

3. Open battery compartment and properly insert
batteries - 4 “C”.

4. Identify location with rat activity. Place trap
where activity has been seen.

5. Turn switch to “On.” Green light will flash once.
Trap is working.

6. Once caught, dispose of rodent in trash

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